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Add the charm of classic Kodak Portra film to any photos with the Ultimate Portra Preset Pack — featuring a whopping 16 presets inspired by the unmistakeable Portra film stocks.

Enhance the look of your photos with a spectrum of moods and looks, infused with the style of Portra 160, 400 and 800. From days at the beach to sunsets, to portraits of the people in your life, these presets will add the iconic Portra look to your photos with just one click!

Presets Included:

🎞️ Portra 160: Embrace the elegance of Kodak's Portra 160. This preset brings out the film's gentle grain, subdued colors, and natural skin tones, ideal for portraits and serene landscapes. This preset includes additional over- and under-exposure options.

🏞️ Portra 400: This preset captures the iconic film's characteristic grain and soft contrast, along with all the features of Portra 160! Includes additional over- and under-exposure options.

🌆 Portra 800: Carrying over the features of Portra but harnessing the vibrancy and richness of 800 ISO, this preset perfect for low-light scenarios — accentuating deep colors and fine grain. Includes additional over- and under-exposure options.

🌅 Golden Portra: Drench your photos in a golden-hour essence. Inspired by the Portra series, this preset magnifies warm tones, adding a sun-kissed finish to your captures.

🌸 Portra Pastel: Drawing from Portra's soft tones and professional scanning and darkroom methods unlocking unique colors, this preset emphasizes pastels for a whimsical, ethereal effect.

🚦 Urban Portra: Capture the city with a Portra perspective. Tailored for urban scenes, this preset enhances the gritty textures and colors of street photography, while preserving the film's signature look.

🏖️ Summer Portra: Relive memories with a seaside-inspired Portra preset. Highlighting azure blues and soft sand, this preset is a summer lover's dream.

🖤 Portra Noir: Venture into the moody world of monochrome with a Portra twist. This black and white preset maintains the film's softness and texture, offering a timeless, classic look.



🌤️ Portra 160, 400, and 800 presets include both over- and under-exposure options

🖥 16x Lightroom desktop-compatible files for Mac and Windows (XMP)

📱 16x Lightroom mobile app-compatible files (DNG)

🖼 Works with both RAW and JPEG images

⚙️ Includes quick setup guide for preset installation and tips


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