Whether you want to conquer small or large tasks, Tomato: The Ultimate Pomodoro Notion Dashboard will help you get it done. Tomato is designed to be by your side every day, and take your productivity to the next level!

βœ… Task agenda with start/end times, target # of pomodoros, and more

πŸ“Ά Automatic productivity rating per session – stay accountable and see where you killed it, and where you can do better next time

πŸ—“ Automatic daily summary recapping total productivity level, # of tasks complete, hours worked, and more

πŸ… Built-in pomodoro timer

πŸ•Ή Easy-to-use dashboard layout

🧱 Add to any existing Notion setup

πŸ’Œ Priority customer support


πŸ–Ό Aesthetic visuals

πŸ’‘ Helpful tips throughout

πŸ“± Compatible on desktop, iPad, mobile

❣️ Lifetime updates

πŸ’Œ Questions? Feature suggestions? Contact us at support@gridfiti.com!


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