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This is a legacy template – check out our brand new all-in-one Student OS template for a robust, value-packed, fully interconnected student experience in Notion! Currently on a back-to-school launch promotion.


👩‍🏫 Classes database for current, past, and future courses

📘 Class pages to track your class info, syllabus, deliverables, notes, contacts, and more

📒 Assignments & Deliverables database to track projects, exams, essays, and more

📓 Digital notebook for all your classes

🧮 Separate grades calculator

📚 Reading list to track both assigned reading and books you’re reading for fun

🍅 Built-in Pomodoro timer widget for focussed study sessions

🏸 Extracurricular activity tracker

🎒 Packing checklist with student essentials

💸 Simple spending tracker to stay on budget all semester

📇 Contact list to track your profs, TAs, tutors, and more

👩‍💻 Study motivation hub


🖼 Beautiful visuals throughout to stay inspired for the whole school year
📱 Compatible on desktop, tablet, mobile
❣️ Priority customer support
💌 Questions? Feature suggestions? Contact us at support@gridfiti.com!


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