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Bring the unique vibrancy and charm of Japan to your photos with the Ultimate Japanese Lightroom Preset Pack! Including 11 carefully designed presets inspired by the aesthetics of Japan.

From the energy of Tokyo streets to the beauty of cherry blossoms, these presets offer a range of styles that capture the essence of Japan. Whether you’re capturing bustling cityscapes, zen gardens, or anime-inspired scenes, this collection will give you that distinct Japanese aesthetic you’re looking for.

Presets Included:

🌃 Neo Tokyo: Recreate futuristic and cyberpunk city tones with Neo Tokyo — perfect for highlighting any city’s neon tones and dynamic streets at night

🌸 Bright Sakura: Brighten your images with airiness, enhanced pink tones, and delicate calmness, whether it’s photos of cherry blossoms or anything with pink accents

💖 Warm Sakura: Elevate your photos with the soft and warm overtones of sakura season, adding a dreamy and tender vibe to your spring photos

📺 Vibrant Anime: Transform your photos into anime scenes with intense colors and gentle glow

🌬️ Airy Japan: Soften and brighten your photos with a Japanese-inspired airiness and pastel hues

🗻 Mt Fuji Blues: Inspired by the sights of Mount Fuji, highlight the blues and fine details in your landscape shots with a cool, moody, and sharp finish

⛩️ Torii Red: Taking cues from traditional torii gates, this preset elevates reds and oranges to give your photos a bold and striking look

🏯 Zen Glow: Suited for peaceful gardens or forests, recreate the tranquility of zen Japanese gardens with this preset

🍬 Kawaii Touch: Add a sprinkle of kawaii to your images — this preset brightens and creates soft pinks and blues, creating a dreamy, candy-colored effect in your photos

🎞️ Japan Film: Channel the vivid palette of Japan’s iconic film stocks and enhance your photos with a distinct blue-green tint and grain texture — recreating the unmistakeable Fuji-inspired look

🍂 Kyoto Autumn: Bring out the rich colors of autumn in Kyoto with this preset, perfect for capturing the rustic tones of the season



🖥 11x Lightroom desktop-compatible files for Mac and Windows (XMP)

📱 11x Lightroom mobile app-compatible files (DNG)

🖼 Works with both RAW and JPEG images

⚙️ Includes quick setup guide for preset installation and tips


💌 Support: support@gridfiti.com


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