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Bring a timeless nostalgia to your photos with our Ultimate Film Glow Lightroom Preset Pack for desktop and mobile! This pack includes 9 meticulously crafted presets designed to add a soft, film-inspired glow to your photos in all environments.

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Presets Included:

🎬 Cinematic Glow: Capture a cinematic feel with cool shadows, warm highlights, and a soft texture to mimic classic cinema lenses for a dramatic, screen-worthy look

 Retro Radiance: This preset enhances tones for a vintage look, applying a soft glow effect to highlights and gently blurring textures for a glowy finish

💜 Vintage Velvet: Transform your photos with a velvety palette of enhanced purples, pinks, and a soft light layer to create a dreamy haze

📼 90s Glow: Take your photos back to the 90s with selective saturated tons, a soft highlights glow, and grain reminiscent of the decade

⚡️ Cyber Glow: Enhance your nighttime or neon photos with this preset’s cyberpunk hues, softening, and grain — for a look reminiscent of vintage sci-fi movies

🌆 Sunset Glow: Make the most of golden hour with this preset, adding a glowing effect to sunlight and a warm tone curve

☁️ Gloomy Glow: Add a moody feel to your photos with a muted color palette, soft glowy texture, and reduced contrast to blend colors and shadows

🖤 Black & White: Create a striking black and white look with film grain and a glow to soften your photos and mimic diffused lighting

🕰️ Sepia Tones: This preset creates a tasteful sepia effect by softening highlights and fading colors, making your photos feel like heirlooms from an earlier time



🖥 9x Lightroom desktop-compatible files for Mac and Windows (XMP)

📱 9x Lightroom mobile app-compatible files (DNG)

🖼 Works with both RAW and JPEG images

⚙️ Includes quick setup guide for preset installation and tips


💌 Support: support@gridfiti.com


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