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Give your photos a free-spirited look with the Ultimate Boho Lightroom Preset Pack for desktop and mobile! Featuring 10 hand-crafted presets that bring out the earthy, artistic essence of the boho aesthetic.

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Presets Included:

🪄 Mystic: For twilight hour, soft fog and more, this preset highlights jewel tones with enhanced contrast, a softened glow, and subtle desaturation for a mystical feel

🌵 Sand: This preset brings out the warm tones of desert landscapes, softens highlights for a toned-down effect, and adds a subtle matte finish

🦌 Folklore: Boost the saturation in greens and browns to emphasize forest and mountain elements, with faded shadows to add a vintage feel

⛰️ Wander: Perfect for epic hikes in the far reaches of the earth, this preset enhances your adventures with warmed up highlights, midtones, and a balanced clarity

💜 Violet: Increase the luminance in pinks, purples and oranges while adding a soft textured finish to create a dreamy, violet look with your sunrises and sunsets

🏙️ Urban: Built for your city excursions, this preset desaturates tones for an understated boho look with details sharpened to highlight architectural lines and shadows

🌿 Sage: From green trees in the sun to green backdrops, elevate the green tones and create a tranquil aesthetic with a subtle fade and softened texture

🌼 Bliss: Create a warm pastel overtone with subtle vibrancy and a soft haze to make your portraits, outfits, and travel photos feel boho

🖤 Black & White: Add an aged boho look with a monochrome treatment and subtle sepia tones, enhanced grain, and lowered contrast for a washed out effect

🐚 Beach: Warm up beach colors with overlays on the blues of the ocean and beiges of the sand, all complete with a fine grain finish and fade for a classic beach vibe



🖥 10x Lightroom desktop-compatible files for Mac and Windows (XMP)

📱 10x Lightroom mobile app-compatible files (DNG)

🖼 Works with both RAW and JPEG images

⚙️ Includes quick setup guide for preset installation and tips


💌 Support: support@gridfiti.com


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