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Rev up your automotive photography with the Ultimate Automotive Lightroom Preset Pack!

This pack includes 10 distinct, handcrafted automotive presets, fine-tuned to enhance and amplify the beauty of your car photos — whether you’re capturing golden hour drives, glitzy luxury rides, industrial garages, and everything in between.

Presets Included:

🚗 Universal: Your one-stop-shop for automotive edits; featuring well-balanced color grading, and subtle tweaks that works for a variety of your car shots

📻 Vintage: Add some character and bring a timeless charm to your car shots with balanced fades and grain

🦇 Dark & Moody: Tone it down and an enigmatic atmosphere to your automotive photos with this dark and moody look

❄️ Icy Tones: Give your shots a refreshing, crisp, and modern look with this preset that injects cool tones and rich contrast

🏎️ Speed Demon: Emphasize motion without compromising clarity – this preset provides energetic tones and sharpens detail for action shots of moving vehicles

🌙 Night Cruise: Illuminate your automotive night scenes with cool tones and controled exposure enhancements, accentuating details while preserving an authentic night vibe

🌅 Golden Hour Drive: Enhance the glow of sunrise or sunset drives to create a captivating and serene magic hour atmosphere

💎 Luxury Luster: Emphasize the glamor and elegance of your luxury vehicle shots, showcasing a dreamy, pristine appearance

🍂 All-Terrain: Bring out the rugged beauty of nature vehicle photography, enhancing contrast and clarity while celebrating vibrant earth tones

🏢 Garage Grit: Ideal for indoor or parking lot photography, this preset accentuates vehicles in their raw industrial surroundings, creating a clean, yet rugged charm


🖥 10 Lightroom desktop-compatible files for Mac and Windows (XMP)

📱 10 Lightroom mobile app-compatible files (DNG)

🖼 Works with both RAW and JPEG images

⚙️ Includes quick setup guide for preset installation and tips


💌 Support: support@gridfiti.com


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